Rachel Prince Art


Australian Landscape Art Gallery

Bring peace to your surroundings with artwork that invokes depth and showcases the unique beauty of our Australian landscapes.

Welcome to my Australian landscape art gallery

Here you’ll find inspiration and story on the canvas inspired by the Australian natural world. Or if you want your own vision brought to life, I’d love to create a bespoke commissioned painting for you.

The Process

When it comes to abstract Australian landscape art, the artist must have a deep connection to nautre. This connection is then captured with untamed freedom in each brush stroke. 


My process of creating Australian landscape art:


  • Finding inspiration in nature (or on my verandah in the clouds)
  • Experimentation with composition
  • Mark-making and balancing the colour palette
  • Layering paint


Unlike other landscape artists, I’m not focused on structure or attention to detail. I don’t want my work to merely replicate a scene in nature. I want it to mirror the wild, emotive and unpredictable nature of the Australian landscape. 


I would love to meet you.

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