Rachel Prince Art

Let me provide you with more information to help get the creative ball rolling

You have an idea for an individual painting, or body of work, that you would potentially like me to create for you. Perhaps you’ve seen something of mine you love and you want it either in a different size or in different colours. Rest assured, there’s no obligation for you or your business to follow through with a commission process after simply enquiring about an idea. Here are some tips to get you started:
Take a look at my portfolio – which paintings are you particularly drawn to? Is it the colours, the composition, or the size that you like? Why?
Where is the painting going to go in your home, office or commercial space?
What is the space like – what colours have been used to decorate? Is it formal, casual or a particular aesthetic?
Do you have a special place or landscape that means something to you? I’d love to paint it for you!
I pretty much paint any size from 30cm x 30cm (12”x 12”) and up to 180cm x 124cm (72” x48”). I also have a lot of commission canvases handmade as they are usually for a specific location and a certain size is required.

Do you have a particular budget in mind? Please note that a deposit of $100 is required to reserve your spot and this is non-refundable. A 30% deposit is due when I start your painting and the final payment is due once it is ready to be shipped to you. I provide progress updates along the way and make minor adjustments according to your feedback as we near the end of the process.
All my paintings are coated in a clear vanish that is archival and will protect from dust and splashes for many years to come. I wouldn’t recommend hanging artworks where they will be in direct sunlight but some sunlight is ok.
Commissioned artworks can take between 2 – 4 weeks depending on the waitlist, and the number required.
I can arrange a frame and assist with choosing one that both complements your artwork and will work in the space where the painting will be hung. I tend to offer options in Tasmanian Oak, American Oak, Oak or Walnut.


"We loved the process of commissioning the artworks. The energy and enthusiasm Rachel brought to the whole process was fantastic. She was always happy to clarify things if we weren’t sure and we had checkpoints along the way to confirm that we were all on the same page. This gave us confidence that we would be satisfied with the outcome."

"Very delighted. All 5 of us were excited to see them up on the wall. Different members on the family will comment at random times as to how much they love it.”