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Here you’ll find where nature inspires creativity and art enriches our experiences. I’m Rachel, an abstract artist from Brisbane, Australia, passionate about capturing the beauty of landscapes through my paintings.

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Explore my world of abstract landscapes and nature-inspired art. Browse through a selection of my latest works below.

Each abstract landscape that I paint is created through a process of layering paint and experimenting with composition, mark-making and the colour palette.

I always seek to express an ephemeral sense of balance, depth and luminosity – my art is often moody and sensorial and imbued with ideas of transience and renewal.

Essentially, I create emotive works with a broad interpretive scope that invite people to reflect and enrich their everyday lives.

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Each piece tells a unique story and invites you to immerse yourself in color and emotion.


View my gallery of abstract landscapes & nature-inspired paintings.


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Commissioning a painting is an exciting and wonderful process. Having an artwork created especially for you? Well, it can’t get much better than that!

Meet Rachel

I'm an abstract artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Painting abstract landscapes is my joyful and peaceful escape, allowing me to create beautiful art.

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What my wonderful client's have had to say

Jo K Model

“This piece by Rachel Prince has transformed the entry to our home. It’s the first thing we see when we come through the door and it defines the space beautifully. It’s neutral colours and soft textures are soothing and seem to change with the light. Now, whenever we choose anything for the room, we consider whether it will meet the aesthetic standard set by Rachel’s wonderful painting!”

Lee C Model

“I have always loved hydrangeas and I saw a painting that Rachel had painted in amongst deep rich forest green so I commissioned her to paint one for me. It is one of my most treasured pieces of art! This painting reminds of the beauty of nature and Rachel’s positive energy.”

Caroline C Model

“I first fell in love with Rachel’s work when I saw a work from her Girraween National Park collection. It evoked a sense of peace and escape for me. No matter how long I gazed into this work I lost myself. Rachel’s work is exciting and unique, I am sure like us anyone will find choosing just one is the hardest decision. Thank you Rachel for making our home so special with your amazing work.”

Emma B Model

We loved the process of commissioning the artworks. The energy and enthusiasm Rachel brought to the whole process was fantastic. She gave us confidence that we would be satisfied with the outcome. We were very delighted in fact. All 5 of us were excited to see them up on the wall. Different members on the family will comment at random times as to how much they love it.”