This post is really just to thank everyone who came along to my exhibition Luminous Skies.

It was wonderful to meet, and see you all – it’s so appreciated. There are truly, no words for how grateful I am.

But also, I wanted to share with you the speech I made at opening night, to give you some more information about my work on abstract landscapes and the inspiration behind it.

“Just briefly I’d like to touch on a few things tonight about my work and inspiration. My inspiration has primarily been from nature and our connection to it. I truly believe it is so important.

As many of you are aware, I live on a hill, and I have a view that is predominantly sky. It has provided much inspiration, enjoyment and fascination over the past eight years. Its constant changing is what interests me the most and how it is often a metaphor for life: its ebbs and flows, ups and downs, good and bad days.

‘Gathering Light’ 120 x 120cm $2190

Ephemerality is also something that has always interested me and been apparent in my work – the capturing of a moment, stop time and how we are constantly trying to capture moments and memories with phones etc. So this combination of nature, ephemerality and the sky makes a great marriage of everything I’m interested in.
I’ve only recently felt like I was ready to paint and represent the sky – that I’d found a language in painting terms where I can talk about what the sky means to me and how it inspires me. That’s what this body of work is about.

I thought I’d also chat about a couple of things that I get asked about with my paintings. One thing is why I paint the sides of my canvases, and that’s because the picture or landscape doesn’t have an ending or edge to me. It’s never ending. Another thing I get asked about is layering. Layering is intrinsic to my work. I use it to give a great depth, a great depth of field, perspective and a real richness. It also depicts the layers of meaning, peeling back the onion … which is completely relevant to landscapes and skies when you think about the layers they have.

Please feel free to come up and ask me any questions you might have.
Thank you again so much coming tonight.”

The same goes for you… Please feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you may have.

View the paintings remaining for sale here.

My next exhibition is already in the planning. It will be held at Wild Canary at Brookfield from 15th October to 10th November. The opening will be Saturday 20th October 2pm to 3.30pm. So please mark this date in your diary, get a group together for lunch and stay on to enjoy some art!

Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

Rachel x