Nature has always been an inspiration to me but the sky has fascinated and captured my attention for some time. Its pure beauty, its sunsets, storms, windswept clouds, the luminous clouds and vast cloudless sky, light changing from dawn to dusk and all throughout the seasons. Looking for words to describe the sky could go on for a lifetime! Hence I’ve created this series of works to convey my experiences and the emotions these fleeting moments evoke in me.It’s this constant ephemerality of the sky that really captivates me. I also find it a metaphor for life: full of ever changing moments not to be repeated. You can’t press the pause button. Sometimes this is difficult to accept but also a reminder to enjoy each and every moment as it approaches, and passes by.

Exhibition: Luminous Skies
Where: White Canvas, 6 Byres Street, Newstead
Date: Friday 14 September 2018
Time: 6pm