For this upcoming exhibition, Moments in Nature: Contemporary Landscapes I have extended my attention from the drifting moments in natural landscapes to the space and colour that landscape evokes in me. The works in this exhibition reflect space with an intentional energy, so that the viewer experiences a personal response, an emotional ‘knowing’ that is evoked by their own experience of the natural world and enlivens them to the beauty that can be captured for their own homes. I believe the natural world rejuvenates and sustains us. I hope you too, will find a piece to complement the unique nature of your home or work space and offer you a sense of renewal.

This is a one night only exhibition. However, there will be opportunities for you to arrange second viewings and the collection of artworks.

Exhibition Details

Date: Friday, 8 June 2018
Time: 6pm
Address: 52 Richmond St, Chelmer

Please click here to RSVP by 5 June.

I am very excited to show you this latest series and I look forward to seeing you from 6pm on 8 June!

Rachel x