Antler and Moss Update

September 7, 2016News
My monochrome etchings have been running out the door at the Antler and Moss Pop Up shop this week. I have taken in 2 more etchings today so don’t delay and drop by to have a look. The Antler and Moss Pop Up Shop finish’s this Sunday (11 September)

Antler and Moss

August 31, 2016News
For the next 10 days my etchings are in the Antler and Moss Pop Up Shop at 2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. They work well with the stunning monochrome ceramics by Antler and Moss. That’s where design concepts come in. Sometimes you look at the works together in a certain space and you just know they [...]

Seek Interiors

June 10, 2016News
I’m so happy! Tonight two of my paintings were hung at Seek Interiors in Paddington (2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington) 4064. I wanted to keep driving past because they looked great in the front window. It’s always a moment of surprise and joy when I’ve worked on the piece in the quiet of my studio, and [...]