The Inspiration Behind My Abstract Landscapes

September 21, 2018Exhibition

This post is really just to thank everyone who came along to my exhibition Luminous Skies. It was wonderful to meet, and see you all – it’s so appreciated. There are truly, no words for how grateful I am. But also, I wanted to share with you the speech I made at opening night, to … Read More

Luminous Skies Exhibition – 14 September 2018

September 3, 2018Exhibition

Nature has always been an inspiration to me but the sky has fascinated and captured my attention for some time. Its pure beauty, its sunsets, storms, windswept clouds, the luminous clouds and vast cloudless sky, light changing from dawn to dusk and all throughout the seasons. Looking for words to describe the sky could go … Read More

RSVP to Moments in Nature Exhibition

May 20, 2018Exhibition

For this upcoming exhibition, Moments in Nature: Contemporary Landscapes I have extended my attention from the drifting moments in natural landscapes to the space and colour that landscape evokes in me. The works in this exhibition reflect space with an intentional energy, so that the viewer experiences a personal response, an emotional ‘knowing’ that is evoked by … Read More