About Rachel Prince

I am an abstract artist based in Brisbane, Australia. I am motivated to create paintings that can complement the unique natures of homes, working environments, commercial spaces, and lives – paintings that infuse spaces with intentional energy. My current paintings for sale channel feelings and emotions evoked by my experience of natural landscapes. I believe the natural world rejuvenates and sustains us, and I am inspired by many places. My work frequently references the precarious granite outcrops of Girraween National Park, the majestic coastal beauty of Yuraygir, and the captivating views of the sky and mountains from the verandah of my home. Through the processes of layering paint, experimenting with composition, mark-making and palette, my paintings seek to express an ephemeral sense of balance, depth and luminosity – they are moody and sensorial, imbued with ideas of transience and renewal. Essentially, I create emotive works with broad interpretive scope that invite people to reflect and enrich their everyday lives.

I enjoy working with a variety of clients on a commissioned basis, as well as creating my own bodies of work. Often the idea of commissioning artworks feels both attractive and daunting. I find great pleasure in guiding clients through the commission process and am always happy to be flexible, discuss ideas or chat about how a specific painting might work in a space.

Practising art enhances my individual experience of life, but I believe its benefits are broader than the personal – art is essential to our communities, and greater society. It gives a voice to the diversity within our culture and people at a moment in time. After winning the Art Award in my senior year of high school, I completed a Diploma in Art (Interior Design) at the Queensland College of Art. I worked in the design industry for number of years before moving to Canberra and completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts (with Honours) at the Australian National University. I later lived and worked in London for many years before returning to Brisbane with my young family. This depth of study and experience has given me a broad range of visual design skills – I create strongly resolved work and can effectively assess how it might suit a space.

Rachel Prince

A client testimonial –

“I look at the painting every day and see something different, feel something different. I will never tire of it.” Tania S.