"I look at the painting every day and see something different, feel something different. I will never tire of it." - Tania S.

Silver Lining Silver Lining
Cloud Valleys Cloud Valleys
Afternoon Walks Afternoon Walks
Pathways Pathways
Summer Haze Summer Haze
New Beginnings New Beginnings
Secrets of the Sea Secrets of the Sea
Brooding Brooding
Windswept Windswept
Tides are Turning Tides are Turning
Light in the Valley I and II Light in the Valley I and II
Blue Haze Blue Haze
Shifting Winds Shifting Winds
Morning Glory Morning Glory
Hidden Path Hidden Path
Storm Mountain Storm Mountain
Autumnal Sunset Autumnal Sunset
Flow Flow
Afternoon Glow Afternoon Glow
Afternoon Glow II Afternoon Glow II
Creek Bed Triptych Creek Bed Triptych
New Valley New Valley
Nightfall Nightfall
Imagined Landscape II Imagined Landscape II
Imagined Landscape I Imagined Landscape I
White Space Triptych White Space Triptych
Crossed Paths Crossed Paths
Reclining Nude Reclining Nude
Reclining Nude with Cast Light Reclining Nude with Cast Light
Seated Figure Seated Figure
New Passage New Passage
Displaced Displaced
Home Home
House House
Maternal II Maternal II
Neighbourhood Neighbourhood
Merged Merged
Managed Managed
Constructed III Constructed III
Contructed Contructed